The Banksia Grandis seed pod (the material from which they are made) is particularly porous. It soaks up any essential oil and slowly releases the aroma through its pores. No flames and no electricity are needed with our all natural diffuser and best of all it comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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The Aroma Pod

After founder Tony and his wife Liz, discovered that Banksia was particularly porous they began to experiment with the use of good quality essentials oils. Because the seed pod is not as dense as timber, it has the ability to soak up essential oils. Once the oil is soaked up it is slowly released through the holes of the pod. Tony and Liz are proud to have discovered this functional, decorative and eco-friendly product that they hope to see in every environmentally conscious household.

Each Aroma Pod has a combination of rough edges (the outside of the seed pod), holes where the seeds once were and a red velvety fur. These attributes are a completely natural part of the seed pod. Each Aroma Pod has its own unique qualities and you will never find two the same.

Our Story

Banksia Gifts Australia™ is a family owned and operated business, established in 1985. We are very proud to offer a range of giftware made from the Australian Native, Banksia Grandis seed pod.

Founder and Craftsman, Tony Hansen first started experimenting with Australian Native Timber at the early age of 15 years old. His love of developing Australian made products quickly transformed when he discovered the Banksia Grandis and what he was able to create with it.

The Plant

We use a particular type of Banksia called ‘Grandis'. It is also commonly known as Bull Banksia or Giant Banksia. This variety grows particularly large and has a very dense centre making it ideal for woodturning.

The tree itself will grow to approximately 10 metres, it produces brilliant yellow flowers followed by the large seed pod. In the extreme temperatures of the Western Australian Bush the pods open up to release seeds for regermination.