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Banksia Aroma Diffuser

The famous aroma pod and candle holders that you know and love today are completely natural, made from the banksia Grandis seed.

More Than a Decoration

Our aroma pod is the perfect addition to your home, not just because of its natural good-looks but you can also drop your favourite essential oils into the top of the aroma diffuser to naturally radiate a soft scent throughout your home. 

  • Natural
  • Eco Friendly
  • Soft Diffusion
  • Perfect for small spaces

Handmade With Love

Most people don’t realise that banksia gifts Australia has been proudly Australian made since 1984. Over the years, our product may have changed, but our passion for craftsmanship and creating jobs in Australia is an integral part of our DNA. Our collectors go through a careful picking process to ensure the nuts are only selected after they have dropped to the ground. This means we don't disturb the natural eco-systems or destroying forests. It is actually a highly sustainable and eco-friendly process.
Every aroma pod is handmade with love at our Gold Coast warehouse. We use old woodturning techniques to create the shapes and buff the edges into a unique gift for everyone to enjoy. We are incredibly proud to keep traditions alive with our beautiful range. What once was a small business, has now expanded to a team that we’re happy to call family.

More Than A Team, We’re a Family

Using your aroma pod

1. Take off the cork on top of your aroma pod

2. Slowly drip your essential oils into the hole at the top of the aroma pod until you see it fill up

3. Place the cork back on (it’s okay if it overflows)

4. Style your aroma pod in your home and enjoy the soft aroma diffusing in your space

5. Refresh with new essential oils every few days to keep it producing the vibrant Australian scents day-in-day-out.

Supporting Australian Conservation

We’re so passionate about conserving the beautiful environment that we are privileged to call home. Thanks to you and your like-minded peers, we’re so happy to be able to support such a worthy cause. To find out more visit Conservation Volunteers Website
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